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The vision of SAAPAM is to contribute towards the development of good governance and effective service delivery. The objectives of SAAPAM are to promote excellence in the theory and practice of Public Administration and Management by: Promoting the basic values and principles underlying economic, efficient and effective democratic Public Administration and Management as explained in subsection 195(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996;

Promoting the discipline and practice of Public Administration and Management through research and the provision of appropriate training and development;
Promoting ethical conduct and accountability within the profession;
Promoting and protecting the profession and career interests of its members;
Co-operating with other associations and institutions in promoting the objectives of SAAPAM;
Providing a variety of services to members, such as serving as an information centre; hosting meetings, conferences and discussions for its members; publishing a journal and other publications to disseminate information and serve an educational purpose; and
Co-operating, when necessary, with other national and international professional institutions and organizations to further the interest of SAAPAM.

“Public Service Excellence through Scholarship and Research”

The mission of the South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM) is to encourage and promote good governance and effective service delivery through the advancement of professionalism, scholarship and practice in public administration and management.

SAAPAM consists of a National Board and Provincial Chapters. The National Board is elected every two years from among the SAAPAM membership. The National Board is chaired by an elected President, and is assisted by a Vice President. The elected Chairpersons of the Provincial Chapters complete the National Board. The National Board appoints an Executive Director who is assisted in the day-to-day functioning by an Administrator.


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South African Association of Public Administration and Management
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Building 14-158
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Tshwane University of Technology
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