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The Journal of Public Administration is accredited with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training, and international Bibliography of the Social Sciences. (IBSS)

ISSN: 0036-0767

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Chief Editor and Chairperson of the Editorial Committee: Prof. M.H. Maserumule
Deputy Editor: Prof. K. Phago
Policy Review Editor: Prof. F.M. Lucky Mathebula
Book Review Editor: Dr. O. Nzewi

Prof. E.J Van Rooyen
Prof. M.S.Binza
Prof. T. Khalo
Prof. H. Kroukamp
Prof. M.H Kanyane
Prof D.M Mello
Prof. Y. Penceliah
Dr. T. Matsiliza
Dr. M.J.D Matshabaphala
Mr. K. Maimela


Prof. EOC Ijeoma, School of Public Management and Development, University of Fort Hare
Prof. K. Kondlo, Centre for Africa Studies, University of the Free State
Prof. S.R Malefane, Department of Public Administration and Management, University of South Africa
Prof. S. Vil-Nkomo, Executive Director, University of Pretoria
Dr. G. Labri, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Prof. M. Genge, Department of Foreign Affairs, South Africa
Prof. J. Beebe, Gonzaga University, Spokane, USA
Dr. K.J. Maphunye, Research Unit, Electoral Commission of South Africa
Prof. H. Woodhouse, Department of Educational Foundations, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Dr. Pan S. Kim of Korea, School of Social Sciences, Yonsei University, Kangwon-Korea
Dr. B.C Mubangizi, School of Public Administration and Development Management, University of Kwa-Zulu-Natal
Dr. I. Kabumba, African Association for Public Administration and Management
Dr. F.M.Lucky Mathebula, Ministry of Public Service and Administration, DPSA
Prof. C. Mokadi, Chief Executive Director, National Institute for Higher Education: Mpumalanga, South Africa


Prof. D. Rich, University of Delaware
Prof. M. Aristigueta, University of Delaware
Prof. B. Basheka, Uganda Management Institute
Prof. L. Mollo, Public Administration Leadership and Management Academy (PALAMA)
Prof. M.P. Sebola, Department of Public Administration, University of Limpopo
Dr. M. Ndletyana, Mapunguwe Institute for Strategic Reflection
Prof. K.B. Moeti, Tshwane University of Technology



  1. The Journal of Public Administration is a quarterly journal issued on behalf of the South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM).
  2. The purpose of the Journal is to further the understanding of the theory and practice of Public Administration and Management by publishing articles of interest to practitioners and scholars in English.
  3. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed articles, review articles, case studies, exemplar profiles, viewpoints and research results from practitioners of all grades and professions, academics and other specialists on the broad spectrum of administrative concerns regarding local, provincial, national, and international affairs.
  4. All manuscripts are circulated anonymously to specialist referees for evaluation. Reports from referees may be made available to authors but the names of the referees will be withheld. On the basis of the referees `reports, content and other deficiencies, the Editor reserves the right to make minor alterations or to reject any manuscript.
  5. Copyright of articles published in the Journal vests in the Journal and may not be published or reproduced in any form without the prior consent of the Editor.
  6. Warning: infringement of copyright exposes offenders to criminal proceedings that could result in civil actions and/or a fine/imprisonment and a criminal record. Therefore, authors are advised to acknowledge the origin of any content in an article or other contribution obtained from another source.
  7. Reprints of articles can be obtained from the Editor on the payment of a prescribed Fee.
  8. Opinions expressed in the Journal are, however, those of the individual authors, and are not necessarily subscribed to by the Editor, Editorial Committee or the Editorial Board.
  9. Authors are required to pay a fee of R500-00 per page for any article or research results printed in the Journal. Payment is due on receiving confirmation from the Editor that a contribution is to be published in a particular issue of the Journal. Authors should consult their respective faculties or employer to establish the responsibility for the payment. An article will only be published once payment has been received. Payment should be made directly to the Journal of Public Administration, but proof of payment must also be submitted to the Editor to avoid any possible delay in the publication of a contribution.



Except in special cases where prior permission has been obtained, articles should not exceed 5000 words. Prospective contributors are specifically requested to ensure that the language and technical aspects of their contributions are of high standard. THREE identical copies of manuscript, typed in 1.5 line spacing, 12pt Times New Roman should be submitted. A disk should also be submitted. Each manuscript should be accompanied by an English abstract of up to 200 words. Since manuscripts are circulated anonymously for evaluation, the name and affiliation of the author(s) should appear on the separate page. If the manuscript is accepted, a computer disk with the text, preferably in MS Word or WordPerfect must be sent to the Editor, unless the Chief Editors grants special permission in exceptional instances.

All manuscripts must be accompanied by a covering letter in which the author(s) state(s) that the manuscript has not been submitted or will not be submitted or published or is not being published elsewhere in any form unless rejected by the Editor of the Journal of Public Administration.

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